Affordable Bench Rentals for Your Wedding

View our selection of high-end farm-style wooden benches from local (Southern California) furniture artists. Our bench rental cost includes delivery and installation.

Frequently asked questions

Why rent a bench for your wedding?

There are many reasons to rent a wedding bench instead of buying one, such as:

- You can have the perfect size for your needs

- You don't have to worry about storage

- You can choose the color you want

- You can pick the style you want

- You can choose what type of upholstery you want (leather, fabric)

- You don't have to worry about maintenance or upkeep

- Your vendor will deliver, setup, disassemble and pickup the wedding benches you rent.

How much does it cost to rent a wedding bench?

If you are renting a small bench in your backyard, it would cost less than renting a large one in an outdoor venue that includes set-up fees and other expenses. Renting a wedding bench from Wood Table Rentals will cost you from $49.99 to $59.99 per rental unit. Delivery and installation is included.


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