Japanese candle holders


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Candle Holders Only (SET OF THREE)

Candles NOT included.

Beech wood holders and decoration.

Height: 13″ / 10″ / 6″

Handcrafted by local Artist

The product is made of natural and durable material and with its modern, but elegant look will complement your event with a fresh twist.
Due to the natural texture of wood and perfectly elaborated design, this product will fit into either classic and modern event. Beech  material with its unique and natural grains and characteristics makes the product even more special.



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Frequently asked questions

What is a Japanese candle holder?

A traditional Japanese candle holder, or “kazari,” is a decorative object first of all. They are often made of wood and have been used in Japan for centuries. There are two main types of Japanese candle holders, the traditional one which is made from wood, and the modern one which is often made from glass or metal. The traditional ones are typically handmade, while the modern ones tend to have more intricate patterns on them.

Why should you rent a Japanese candle holder?

Renting Japanese candle holders for your wedding is better than buying them. Using a traditional Japanese candle holder as a table décor for multiple tables will force you to buy too many candle holders. You can of course give them away as keepsakes, as an option. However, if you’re looking to keep some money in your pocket, renting is a more budget-friendly option.

How much does it cost to rent a Japanese candle holder?

The cost of renting a Japanese candle holder will depend on the size and material. A single wooden candle holder can cost between $5-$8 per day, while a metal one may be closer to $10-$15 per day. The rental period will also vary depending on the type of kazari you’re looking for- anywhere from 2 days to 1 month. Wood Table Rentals offers a set of three wooden Japanese candle holders for $19.99 per day. Delivery and pickup are included in the price.